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Gabi needs your help to open Gabi’s Grounds, her very own coffee shop where she will employ others like herself with disabilities. Gabi has been saving all the money she receives for her birthday and Christmas every year to open her coffee shop. Gabi’s biggest goal right now is to get her coffee shop up and running and she is incredibly dedicated to bringing this dream to life!
This is more than a coffee shop for Gabi. She wants her shop to be a fun place for everyone to visit. From coffee and pastries to karaoke nights and dance parties, Gabi’s shop will be an inclusive place for the community to come together. Money raised from her GoFundMe campaign will be combined with the profits from Gabi’s booth where she sells coffee, t-shirts, mugs, and stickers and will go towards securing a shop location, paying rent and salary for employees, coolers, coffee makers, and other necessities to run and supply the shop. Your donations of UpliftNow Trade Tokens will additionally help offset expenditures and help make Gabi’s Grounds coffee shop a reality!
%0AGabi's Grounds is an advocate for the value, inclusion, and acceptance of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
%0A“We all have talents and abilities and we are hard workers and we all deserve a chance to be a part of our communities.” – Gabi

Mary Angelini

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