Myokinesthetic Assess.
  • $60.00
  • Available : 50
  • Location : Topeka, KS
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MYK is a Muscle Movement Technique that relieves pain and addresses:
Plantar Fascilitis
Shoulder Problems
Carpal Tunnel
Hip and Joint Problems
Limited Range of Motion
Impingement Syndromes
Pre/Post Surgery
Muscle Imbalances
Altered Tone due to CVA/Stroke

Most clients reap the benefits of MYK in the first 4 sessions.
A session includes:
Narrowing to the main problem in the nervous system via posture and questions
Working on specific muscles while the therapist moves you and works on range of motions
Working on both sides of the body
No oils or creams and you can keep your clothes on
Only works on specific muscles along one nerve pathway
Sessions can be 10-20 minutes and addresses specific complaints

Rebalance the nervous system, reset the body, and relieve the root problem.

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