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Professional acoustic treatment - Perfect for small/medium sized recording studio, but can work beautifully in a home theatre, family room, conference room, etc. Each panel is made with plywood/solid wood, filled with rigid fiberglass and covered with professional acoustic fabric! %0A%0AI am a professional producer + audio engineer. I have worked with artists such as Clay Aiken, Skylar Grey, Shirley Caesar, and companies such as Google, Simon and Schuster. I know what it takes to make a top notch recording. Microphones and preamps are definitely very important, but you absolutely NEED quality treatment to get a PRO sound. %0ARoom Acoustics are just as important as any microphones when making a record. In fact, don’t even think about getting an expensive microphone if you have not thought about your room acoustics!%0A%0ATwo very thick 6” wall panels (absorts and tightens bass response!)%0ATwo 4” wall panels%0AOne 4 foot X 4 foot panel with bamboo side finish%0A2 hand built speaker stands out of MDF (sturdy!)%0AReach out if you want a quote for a specific part of the package%0A%0AHere's what I got for sale:%0A%0A2 panels (4 inch thick) - 24" X 48" - $200 each%0A2 panels (6 inch thick) - 24" X 48" - $250 each%0A1 panel with solid bamboo siding (4 inch thick) - 48" X 48" - $400

Artem Smirnov

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