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Pivot & Ramp Up

I help owners get their technology search out of the way, so they can focus on growing their business.

There are countless technology tools and solutions out there and you may not know where to look to find the best solutions for your business. I will help you find, buy, and manage the technology solutions that will get you amazing results because my team and I have discovered the software applications that will move the needle to make your business run more efficiently.

Consultations | $175/Hour

Who is Kendall E. Matthews?

His team helps bring you the technology and marketing automation tools you need to grow your business for prices that won’t put you out of business.


In Phoenix, Arizona, Kendall has had roles as vice president of global marketing, head of marketing and eCommerce, creative marketing manager, and president of 6,600+ members of the Purdue University Alumni Club of Phoenix.


He operated in diverse B2B and B2C industries, from software and retail services to real estate, insurance, and entertainment.

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Kendall Mathews

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