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For clients with a low-to-moderate amount of content to display, who are looking for scalability pages and features, and a content management system that allows for ease of updates. Will configure the theme and customize key elements and pages to make it unique. The end product will be a fully functioning, scalable, and on-page search engine optimized site tailored to your company.%0A%0AThis Marketing Package Includes The Items Listed Below:%0AWebsite with 10-20 pages, with some scanned or “clip-art” images %0ARegistering your page with up to five search engines Some "forms", limit of 5 forms for site%0ACustom Home page design concept%0AContent Management System setup and configuration%0AEmail Marketing Campaign with Lead Generating Automation App%0A5ea Video Marketing Commercial up to 60 Seconds%0AIntegrated Logo/Branding%0ACustom header/footer%0ASocial Media Management Setup (Fan Page, Instagram, Google My Business%0ASidebar call-out%0AUp to 12 internal pages configured and content enhanced%0AContact form%0ABlog/Article/News section%0APhoto Gallery (Standard)%0ASearch engine friendly%0AAnalytics/ Webmaster tools%0A1 round of client-driven edits%0APrivate Review Page Setup%0ACreate a private review page to capture reviews%0ABrand the review page with company colors, logos, and branding%0ACreate a positive review page to encourage posting on important review sites%0ACreate a “rant” page for bad reviews to determine issues and minimize the risk of posting on review sites.%0AIntegrate with current follow up email procedures or create a whole new Email Marketing Campaign%0A%0ACharles Gibbs of Know Your Lane Coaching takes his vision of operating as a Solopreneur helping other Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, as well as, Salespeople to find a faster and better approach to having a successful business or Sales Career.%0ADiscover why his unique and proprietary approach to growing your business and generating more customers may be just what is needed to get the pendulum of success swinging your way.

Charles Gibbs

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