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A note from the Artist: Perfect timing visiting Long Island Bayard Arboretum as the Dahlias were in bloom. The bees were busy feasting on the beautiful flowers nectar not even noticing that I was there. %0AA Dahlia flower symbolizes:%0AStaying graceful under pressure, especially in challenging situations%0ADrawing upon inner strength to succeed%0ATraveling and making a major life change in a positive way%0AStanding out from the crowd and following your own unique path%0AStaying kind despite being tested by certain life events%0AFinding a balance between adventure and relaxation%0ACommitment to another person or a certain ideal%0A%0AUniquely durable MetalPrint with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescent images, and exceptional detail. Preserves photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Images take on an almost magical luminescence. Includes wall mounting. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily, just avoid direct sunlight.%0ASizes available: 16x20; 24x30; 30x40; 40x60%0APricing as follows: (Cash is to cover production, shipping within the US and tax)%0A16x20 $200 Vend $125 Cash%0A24x30 $300 Vend $200 Cash%0A30x40 $600 Vend $350 Cash%0A40x60 $1000 Vend $700 Cash

Connie Zimmerlich

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